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Projects and Partners

Overview of all current and finished oikoplus projects.

SYNCITY | JPI Urban Europe

SYNCITY shows how urban transformation projects, especially in deprived areas with highly diverse communities, can reach high acceptance by dwellers and have positive consequences for the urban society as such, the economy and the overall co-living in the city.

The city of tomorrow needs enduring participatory processes involving all relevant stakeholders, push innovative competence and operate within the paradigm of sustainability. The case study develops a methodology for urban transformation processes, presenting three feasible proposals for future larger scale urban transformation projects on the long run, and a toolbox for European municipalities to better implement integrative urban transformation processes in the future.

oikoplus supports the consortium in three areas:

1) in creating structure and content for the community-told Cureghem Tales.
2) in the design and development of ICT-based applications for topic-centered data collection and analysis
3) implementing a targeted marketing strategy for the SYNCITY toolbox.

Project partners: